The European flag symbolises both the European Union and, more broadly, the identity and unity of Europe.

It features a circle of 12 gold stars on a blue background. They stand for the ideals of unity, solidarity and harmony among the peoples of Europe.

The number of stars has nothing to do with the number of member countries. The circle as well as the number 12 are a symbol of unity, entirety and perfection. 

Source https://europa.eu/european-union/about-eu/symbols/flag_en


For the design of the Radio station's logo in both cases - 80s and modern - I kept these official design principles (as well as the official colour scheme) to evoke a sense of realism.  

In order to design the 80s version of the logo I went for a retro font with an inline variation for "EURadio", all the while highlighting the "EUR" with the official European yellow.

Transforming the rigid logo of the 80s into the new one, I decided to blend serif and sans serif fonts as well as placing "EU" in cursive to add contrast which symbolises the verity of Europe as a whole. The cursive is set to the same angle as the stars of the flag. Also, next to EU Radio the pronunciation of the name is supposed to sound like YOU Radio. In order to bring this individualistic sense to it, I arranged the circle of stars around the typeface so one stencils out right between EU and Radio.